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Universal Unity Trust!

UUT is a NGO based in Delhi, India, comprising of various professionals i.e

UUT is a NGO based in Delhi, India, comprising of various professionals i.e. Doctors, Social Workers, Educationists as well as grass root workers. The moto is to make the world one country, one race is human and one religion is humanity.

Our president is a renowned Onco Surgeon at our premier Institute AIIMS, New Delhi, a president certificate with.....



The mission of the Universal Unity Trust is “HEALTH FOR ALL
Main mission to save precious lives across all populations through cancer prevention, early detection and beyond---
To guide to have an optimal Mental, Physical, Social and Spiritual health to bring colour to life.


  • To touch millions of people through common cancers awareness programme via digital media and personal awareness campaigning camp
  • Addressing about all preventable cancers across all populations, specially people in medically untouched area and the growing child population
  • Making preventive knowledge and early detection services more accessible for millions of people to reduce the cancer related morbidity and morbidity
  • To guide people for a healthy, happy life by improving mental, physical, social and spiritual health by the concerned field experts.
  • Creating an energizing and productive workplace where people want to join for more productivity and to have a healthy and happy life.
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